Natural Stone

In addition to interlocking, we are also a decorative stone and natural stone landscaping contractor that offers full stone landscaping services as well as just decorative and natural stone installation. It is our opinion that finished landscaping projects look their best when they combine several different elements which add more interest to your outdoor landscape.  Our team has professional natural stone landscapers who use the correct natural stone installation equipment, ensure the utmost safety and best natural stone designs.  As a result, we are one of Whitby’s top natural stone landscaping companies.

Natural Stone Landscaping, Rock Garden

Beautiful Design and Appeal

Adding natural stone landscaping to your backyard or front-yard will add beautiful design and appeal to your property.  Natural stone landscaping is ideal for projects like pathways, patios, garden beds, retaining walls, fire pits and ponds.  Decorative stone is also a great accessory as part of your entire landscaping.  The options for natural stone landscaping materials are endless and there are many types of stones and rocks available to select from.

Natural Look and Feel

Natural Stone Landscaping Interlock Patio

Choosing natural stone and rocks for all or some of your landscaping project is a great way to add the comforting look of nature to your property.  It is a beautiful choice and takes your landscaping design to the next level. Natural stone landscaping has a different look and feel than manufactured options and is perfectly complemented by other natural components such as cedar mulch, rocks, pebbles and shrubs.  Natural stone looks beautiful on it’s own, but also in combination with precast products like interlocking stone, paving stone or stack stone.

Variety of Products and Sizes

We can provide natural stone and rocks in all shapes and sizes to suit your stone landscaping project.  From very large stones and rocks, to small stones, rocks and pebbles.  Natural stone landscaping is extremely attractive as part of your landscape design, and works well for retaining walls, stairs and water features.  Natural stone is very popular now in Whitby, Oshawa and Port Perry in Durham region, and many of our clients incorporate it into their backyard and front yard landscaping projects.

Check out more landscaping photos to see some of our recently completed projects in Whitby, Oshawa and Durham Region.

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