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One of our most important landscaping services is  the design and installation of beautiful garden beds. Gardens are a fantastic way to add colour, uniqueness and visual appeal to the exterior of your home and greatly increase your home’s curb appeal.

Garden Design Consultation Services

We offer a garden design consultation service where we create a customized plan for your property.  We can start from scratch and design or redesign your entire property, or we can build a plan based on your current garden beds, property layout, light conditions and existing plants, trees and shrubs.  We make recommendations that work for you based on your personal flower and plant tastes, soil and light conditions and maintenance preference.  After your design consultation, we work with you design your gardens and make your plant and flower selections with as much or as little assistance as you require.

Garden Creation and Installation Services

We design and build both in-ground garden beds and raised garden beds. In-ground garden beds dug below ground and built using the existing soil.  Raised garden beds are build above ground and are usually surrounded by a stone retaining wall.  These gardens are clearly distinguished from the lawn surrounding them, allow for the addition of nutrient rich soil and offer added protection to the plans within them.  Regardless of your garden design choice, we can quickly and easily build your garden beds and plant your garden to suit your needs.

Planting and Gardening Services

Once we have determined a vision of what you would like for your garden landscaping, we can assist by providing recommendations for plants, trees, shrubs and most importantly flowers that will work best for your property.  We source, arrange and plant all the ideal selections to complete your landscaping project. Finally once your garden is complete, we can help you maintain it with our property maintenance services in Whitby, Oshawa, Port Perry and area.

Check out more landscaping photos to see some of our recently completed projects in Whitby, Oshawa and Port Perry, Durham Region.

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